Property Taxes

Step-by-Step Process: How to Appeal Your Kootenai County Property Taxes

The Process

1. Establish a market snapshot value of the homes in your area.  You can get a snapshot from us here.

2. Obtain a copy of your assessment value from the county (you must have the original the county sends for your appeal so guard it careful after you receive it in the mail).  If you are still waiting on the original, you can access a copy here.

3. Determine if your assessment value is higher or lower than averages in the market snapshot.

4. Determine if you need a deeper, more in-depth home value analysis for your appeal process.

5. Once you've determined you want to appeal, you'll need to submit the appropriate paperwork (including supporting documentation).  The appeal form and details on what the county requires are located here.

Things to note about the process:

1. All documents, forms and supporting documentation must be submitted to the assesors office no later than 5:00pm on the 4th Monday of June.

2. Property values are determined based upon their value on January 1st of the current year.  Regardless of whether your home value is lower or higher in May and June when you file the appeal, the assessment is based on January 1st.

Questions & Answers:

Q. How does the county know how much a home sold for?
A. The county has a cooperative agreement with the Coeur d'Alene Multiple Listing Service allowing them to access sold properties in order to establish a baseline for determining home values each year.  This baseline is one of the metrics the county uses to determine the assessment value of your property.

Q. Do I have to report how much I paid for my home to the county?
A. No.  The county will send out a document to the new home owner asking for details on the sale.  You are under no legal obligation to share this information with the county. 

Q. Why are Kootenai County tax assessed values different than market value?
A. The tax-assessed value is what the Kootenai County Assessors office believes your property is worth.  The county attempts to set values at market value, however, they do not evaluate comparable properties nor do they perform individual market analysis on every property.  The county valus your home according to the area, not the house, which means that the value may be too high or too low - it just depends on the size, location, amenities and condition of your home. 

Q. When should I receive my Kootenai County assessment?
A. You should receive your county assessment notice between the last week of May and the 1st week of June.

Q. Should I appeal my Kootenai County property valuation?
A. If your home will sell for less than it's tax assessed value, then you should appeal.  If it will sell for higher than your tax assessed value, then you shouldn't do anything.

Q. How do I determine the market value of my property?
A. You can get a market snapshot from us.

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